Elite Group Georgia Real Estate was born in 2015. I know what you are thinking, Wow, still a baby! But, let me tell you all that we learned while in the womb. The Internet has changed everything Especially how buyers & sellers view Real Estate. We believe that as your Real Estate consultant we must change also but still always maintaining honesty & integrity.We have several years experience in Real Estate but the truth is that does not matter. What does matter is are we up to date on how to sell a house in today's market, how to negotiate a contract in today's market, how to represent/protect a buyer in today's market & how to get from contract to close in today's market.

We allow our agents to keep more of their money so that they can be more flexible with our clients, unique in advertisements, negotiate on behalf of client not company!

Our Goal is not to have the largest Real Estate office but to have ELITE Real Estate agents! If we are blessed enough to represent you here is our pledge: As Elite Group Georgia Real Estate our pledge is to fully understand your goal, create a plan to accomplish your goal, provide the tools necessary to meet your goal & then be held accountable for the outcome. That's our commitment to Elite Group Georgia Real Estate clients!

Elite Group Georgia

Elite Group Georgia

712 Broad Street
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